B Series AWD Shifter Cables B16 B18 B20 Cable EG EK DC2 Honda CRV Civic Si CRX EF

Bull Boost Performance
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B Series AWD Shifter Cables B16 B18 B20 EG EK DC2 CRV Civic Si CRX

Cannot Be Used With OEM Transmission Bracket!

Together these will work perfectly on swap applications. Our cables are a super strong and stretch resistant replacement for the weaker and discontinued OEM cables. 


- Perfect accessory for our Billet TSX/Accord Shifter Box and AWD B-Series Trans 

- Stronger than OEM - Stainless steel finish looks great and will last 

- No need for oem clips with easy to install threaded cable mounting ends 

Application:  B-Series AWD CRV Transmission