Operating Days: Monday-Friday
Most of our products are designed in California where are warehouse is located, our new product engineer in our team is focused on precision and quality parts. Our automotive company is growing day by day, we are introducing new and high-tech parts in the upcoming days so stay subscribed to our email list. We will notify you with the newest parts that are released. 
While there are multiple online auto parts stores across the automotive community, Bull Boost Performance is unique in a way that we have setup a team that is focused on customer service that will respond quickly and promptly to your questions and concerns which many other companies lack of. We provide full support on installation guidance, questions, and concerns about your order delivery. 
We truly know that ordering online can be sometimes frustrating and even more when your item does not arrive, we have experienced this on our own; so, we are changing the way we normally ship our products. First, if there is any problem with the service carrier, we will handle the situation and make sure your item gets delivered. We have a team set in place to handle the delivery delays, tracking number problems, and delivery returns.