BLACK Micron Filtered Baffled Oil Catch Can System Kit

Bull Boost Performance
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Universal Oil Catch Can System (Fits most vehicles) Ask for question for confirmation


  • Description of our kit: 
  • -UNIVERSAL Application specific bracket mounts the can in an easily maintained location inside the engine bay
  • -Includes Temperature Resistant Silicone Hoses for simplified install
  • -Defends intake system, and essential engine components from oil blow-by
  • -Mounts in line with the PCV system to separate oil from air using a 50 micron bronze filter
  • -Barbed fittings ensure a sturdy connection between lines and can
  • -Reduces carbon build-up on intake valves
  • -Catch can has a 3.5 oz. capacity for longer servicing in between intervals
  • -Filter and can are fully serviceable