Dual Port Hybrid BOV For Acura RDX 2.3L Turbo Recirculating 07-12 BlowOff Valve

Bull Boost Performance
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Up for sale is an adjustable Dual Port Blow Off Valve, brand new in box available in Blue exactly as shown on the picture. These units are fully customize-able and are 3-in-1 in terms of functionality. They could be run as:


  • Fully venting off to atmosphere (a.k.a SuperSonic) 
  • Fully recirculating like a diverter valve, except still make the sweet BOV sound (a.k.a PlumBack)
  • Half & Half (a.k.a 50/50)
The kit comes with a direct bolt on fit flange adapter (i.e. plug and play, no welding required) for the following vehicle makes & models: