K20 K24 Shift Box Acura RSX Type-S Billet K-Series Swap for Honda Civic Integra Shifter

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Billet Race Spec Shifter Box RSX Type-S & K-Series Swap for Civic Si Integra GSR K20 Applications:

• 2002-2006 RSX

• 2001-2005 Civic EM2/ES

• K-Swapped EF, EG, EK, DC2



   The Stealth Shifter uses a simpler fixed elbow position, which is only height adjustable and ideal for circuit racers who really like to use the tallest setting. For drag racers, this design is perfect for heavy shifting in cars with dog box transmissions and straight cut gears. Unlike a stock transmission, most of us know that you can't shift a dog box setup with light hands. At a quick glance, the shifter closely resembles the original design with a few changes made to the shift lever and elbow to support the high demands of race cars.