Motor Engine Mounts EF K Series Swap Kit For 1988-1991 Civic CRX EFK2 70A K20 K24

Bull Boost Performance
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Bull Boost Performance

- 1 x EFK5 70A Swap Mount Kit

- 1988-1991 Honda Civic/ CRX EFK2

- 70A Black Bushing.
- Track use/250-500 Rating(HP).
- Performance mount kit for K-series engine swaps into the 1988-1991 Civic/CRX. After making some modifications to the engine bay, this mount kit makes swapping the K-series engine into the EF Civic a bolt in procedure. 
- It works with 2012-2015 Civic Si 2009-2014 TSX Transmission and K-Series Manual All-Wheel Drive Transmissions.