Pushrod Length Checker 6.80" to 7.80" Push Rod 7702-1 Fit for LS1 LS2 LS6 LSX

Bull Boost Performance
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Save yourself a lot of guess work to properly figure out what pushrod size you need for your engine build.

Comparable to Comp Cams Part #7702-1

Pushrod Length Checkers are crafted from a steel alloy with black oxide coating for years of accurate measurements.




Having the correct pushrods in your engine is a critical factor in proper rocker arm geometry, and this is the best tool to measure pushrod length (it reads like a micrometer).

Individual Length Checker Adjustable Range: 6.800" to 7.800"

Simply screws and unscrews by hand using the lines as pictured for measurement. Each full turn is .050"

This .050" full turn design is as of 3/1/18.  Our previous version was .035" per turn.  So if you purchased one previous to that date it is .035" per turn.