Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket For Honda Civic Si TSX K-Series K20Z3 K24A2

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Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket For Civic Si TSX K-Series Swap K20Z3 K24A2

Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket For Civic Si TSX K-Series Swap K20Z3 K24A2


Detailed Description

Make a little more power with K-Tuned Intake Manifold and Throttlebody Heatshield Gaskets. These intake and throttle body heat shield gaskets are manufactured with a high grade temperature insulating plastic. They are precision cut and designed to replace the listed oem gaskets. By insulating the intake and throttle body from the engine heat, it will decrease the intake air temperature, and increase horsepower! 


So I guess you want to know how they work? The cylinder head gets quite hot when your engine is running. The purpose of these gaskets is to break the transfer of heat between the cylinder head and the intake manifold and throttle body to create lower incoming air temps. As air heats up, it's density drops, reducing oxygen content, robbing you of power because your ecu has to compensate with less fuel. On average, you lose about 1% of density for every 5 degrees Fahrenheit of increased temp! 


Heat soak is a thing of the past when you get one of these installed on your motor.



1. Please make sure the part number matches the part you are replacing

2. Please be very careful to check our photos, make sure the photos showed is the same as you wanted.

Please check pictures for more details.



Condition:100% New And High Quality

Color: As Picture

Surface Finish: White

Placement on Vehicle: Front

Material: Plastic


Package include:

1x Intake Manifold Gasket  (As Picture).

Professional Installation is Highly Recommended.

Installation Instruction is NOT Included.


Fit for:

Civic Si TSX K-Series Swap K20Z3 K24A2.

Fit for K20A,K24A,K24A2,K24Z,K20Z,K20Z3:

Honda Accord CL7,Engine K20A,2.0,4door 2003-2005

Honda Accord CL7,Engine K20Z,2.0,4door 2006-2008

Honda Accord CL9,Engine K24A,2.4,4door 2003-2008

Honda Accord CM1,Engine K20A,2.0,5door 2003-2005

Honda Accord CM1,Engine K20Z,2.0,5door 2006-2008

Honda Accord CM2,Engine K24A,2.4,5door 2003-2008

Honda Accord CM4,Engine K20A,4door 2003-2007

Honda Accord CM5,Engine K24A,2.4,4door 2003-2007

Honda Civic FA5,Engine K20Z,4door 2007-2008

Honda Civic FN2,Engine K20Z,3door 2007-2010

Honda CR-V RE3/RE4,Engine K24Z,5door 2007-2010

Honda CR-V RE7,Engine K24Z,5door 2008-2010

ACURA TSX 2004-2008


Condition: New

Brand: Unbranded

UPC: Does Not Apply

Manufacturer Part Number: Does not Apply



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